Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Stenciled Poetry - Colours of the Rainbow with Natalie

Hey there Stencil Fans!

Natalie here sharing an Art Journal page for the Stenciled Poetry theme this month.

I am a huge lover of colour and using the colour wheel especially in my classes and I love using this stencil designed by Pam Carricker.

This page is so simple yet super effective.
Let me talk you through the process.

I started by using a Post-It and tacking the stencil to my page so it didn't move.

I used a Pitt Pen to trace each segment. I had to use a waterproof pen so when I added the water, I wouldn't loose the image.

I then used Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks to colour each segment, activating them with water, allowing the colour to bleed out into the page.

Once dry, I gave each segment another quick application of colour to increase the intensity before scribbling on a beautiful poem by Christie Ann Martine.

Thanks for stopping by and happy creating


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