Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Big Impact - Small Project


I love me some bright, punchy color and creating Art Journal pages that are quick and simple
PLUS have a big color impact is one of the things I love!

I used my 6x6" Dina Wakley journal to create this page - Big Impact - Small Project!

Using a Catalyst Tool (my fave tool ever), I applied a couple of shades of orange paint across
the whole top of my page, swiping down towards the middle of the page.

I then used a couple of shade of hot pink & magenta swiping up into the orange,
gently overlapping them to meet in the middle.

Once dry, I used the Tall Flowers Stencil designed by Margaret Peot with a super cute little
blending tool to layer paint over the top. I loved that I could pull certain elements from
the stencil and layer them across the page.

Next I used the Serendipity Floral, was designed by Jennifer Evans from the StencilClub April 2017 release.  This is one of my fave floral stencils. 
I was wanting to use it as a stamp rather than a stencil so using my gel plate, I loaded my
plate with white paint using a brayer, then 'kissed' the stencil into the paint to transfer
the white to the stencil.
I then pressed the paint loaded stencil onto the art journal page to create the stamped look.

I completed the project by adding a few splatters of white paint, a little white along
the edges and a thin little phrase.

Simple and effective and packs a pretty punch!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day

Natalie May

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Layers of Colour for StencilGirl

 Hey there Stencil Fans.

I hope that you are happy & healthy in this crazy world and getting some paint on your hands regularly!

Today I am sharing a bright art journal page that I created in my Dina Wakley journal.

Last week I received a delivery from a local Aussie company, ScrapFX with some exciting new designs and couldn't wait to use them.  The images are designed by my talented friend Michelle Logan for this company and they have released the 'Confetti Sisters' as an A4 sheet ready to go straight onto your projects! Cool hey?

Here are a few simple steps to re-create this page.

I started with dry brushing on a couple of colors across the page to create a base before pulling out my stencils.

Using Dina Wakley Gloss Sprays, I lightly added Rouge to the page through the Soulful Scribbles Dots Dash Stencil and then used it as a stamp to transfer the excess paint.

Using a blending tool, I used a little paint through the 6x6 stencil from the StencilClub release from October 2016 (this is one of my most used designs) ... I love the little shapes!

Next, I added some Turquoise Gloss Spray with the Circles Layer Me Stencil and then used it as a stamp to transfer the excess paint again - I think this technique works great for adding more pattern to the page.

The X Rows stencil was perfect used on an angle to add some crosses in white over the top.

The layering was finished with a few words around the page using black archival ink through the Fridge Poetry Stencil.

I completed the page by cutting a few circles from book paper and adhering them, adding a few splatters of gloss spray and a few doodly scribbles!

Layering stencils can work really well in art journals and I am loving the result!

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

Natalie May

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

StencilGirl Project for July

 Hey there StencilGirl® fans!

Today I am sharing a canvas I created to display in my new Studio!

I wanted to create something that was honest and inspirational and this little 20x25cm canvas was just the thing.

Here are a few simple steps to re-create this canvas.

I started with a base of yellow paint and then added a few collage elements with gel medium.

I pulled out a few of my fave StencilGirl® designs and started layering on the colors, building up from light blues to darker blues and teals.  

Using a blending tool makes it super easy for the color to go on evenly.
Finding unique shapes in the stencils added a crazy dimension to the canvas and I love that!

Adding the Vintage Script Stencil with a light grey paint plus some loopy bits from Mary Beth's Private Collection stencil gave depth as well.

The Shaw/Carriker Mash up from the November 19 StencilClub was the perfect focal point for the piece so I used a Navy blue paint to add it to the canvas, blending it into the background.

I finished it off with a few splatters of white paint, some simple black stamping and some doodling in black and gold paint pen!

And it has pride of place on the shelf in the studio!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day

Natalie May


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Doing it Warhol Style for StencilGirl

 Hey there Stencil fans!

Pastiche is one of those words I had to look up.
I'm not too shy to say it!  I had no idea what it meant!
In fact, I messaged a friend and fellow Aussie creative, Fiona Paltridge, for her helping me translate the word into a way that I can use it for my creating! And then it made sense ...Pastiche is to 'borrow' inspiration and make it your own! 

So with this in mind, I went to my all-time fave artist, Andy Warhol. and was instantly overcome with ideas!

I narrowed it down to his unique printmaking style using this fabulous piece for inspiration and pulled out the Gel Press!

Here are a few simple steps I used to create my Art Journal Page.

I started with my Gel Press and created a heap of simple backgrounds using a range of colours.  

Next I pulled out all my Pam Carriker 6" x 6" stencils and decided to use the Create Face for the page. 

I then used the stencil and contrasting colours to create the prints.  

This process was so much fun and I love that I created a heap of extra prints from the additional pulls I got from the plate - including the paper towel! 

Once they were all dry, I trimmed them down and shuffled them around my journal page until I was happy with the layout before popping a little stamping and doodling on the finished image.

I am loving how this turned out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Natalie May