9th May 2017

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sharing my Scrap Space ....

Earlier this month I shared my creative space over at White With One.... time to share it here!
I'm lucky enough to have my own little room - which feels like it's getting smaller by the day - it used to be Jessica's nursery, hence the lemon cornices and the frieze on the wall. 
But it does the job and over time Trev & I have changed and added storage to try 
and accommodate my supplies!
This is what it looked like back in November 2010 before I was kicked out of the big room ..... Here
And back in December 2011 ..... Here
And today ....
The desk goes from under the window and down the right hand side of the room.
 We added the Ikea bookcase and turned it into shelving

 The built in wardrobe doors hold my masks - but I'm thinking I'm needing another line of wire soon....
 Inside the wardrobe is stuff ... boxes of stuff ... :)
My workspace is easy - I have everything at hand.
I have a couple of magnets to my left that hold my knife, scissors and other bits, hooks to hold my scissors and the drawers have my adhesives in them.
 To my right is the computer, my Making Memories caddy gifted by a wonderful scrappy friend, under the shelf is my tub of mediums, gesso and everyday inks.
 The drawers in the shelving hold more 'stuff' .... paints, flair, veneers, 
tapes, basket of flowers ... stuff like that.
 There is the right amount of room under the shelf for four drawers ... 
two hold mists and the other two hold punches.

My bookcase is a mess! 
Unfinished projects, Project Life I started but lost interest in, gear to take into 
work to teach with, just random stuff I cant find a home for. 
On the floor is 2 boxes of layouts that need to go into albums - anyone else have this problem?
There is a long shelf that goes the length of the room that hold all 
my finished mini albums and a few off the page projects
 The shelf underneath it hold my chipboard - this is currently a disorganized mess - 
I have zero interest in cleaning it up but that's on the list to do next week.... maybe
 My Raskog holds my most used stamps - the boxes next to it are ... current kit I'm using for APOCD, Studio Calico kits unopened, box of Cameo cuts ready to use, new stuff I ordered 
that needs a home and a box of scrap cardstock!
So that's my craft space. 
It's never this tidy - the floor is always covered in bits of paper and random stuff... I work in here just about everyday ... being a full time scrappy person with teaching classes and running 3 webpages and blogs, design team work and magazine work, it's a functional space that is continually evolving!
It's my space - and I love it!
Natalie May


  1. Wowzers what an exciting scrap space!! So awesome to have a stalk around your scrap area :) :)

  2. Oh wow! What I wouldn't give to be locked in there for a night...or three! I would love to have my own room to work in, my craft area is a big, second hand wooden table that I just gradually took over, until it was mine!


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