Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a Weekend......................

Wow - what an amazing weekend.

Friday morning I picked the girls up from the airport shortly after 8am.
Turns out that Tiff missed her plane but we arranged for Trev to pick her up later in the morning.
Cat flew in from Hobart and Sonia and Ang from Melbourne.
I am so thrilled that these girls flew all the way to spend a weekend with us. Dedication plus! Anyway, after the airport, breakfast at McDonalds then off to do some scrap shopping! Louise and Donna - who flew in from Perth - met us at the shop which was great.
Home about 11am, unpacked and scrapping by 11.30am!

Friday was a blur of paper, glue, glimmermist, chipboard and laughter. I think by 5pm we had consumed about a dozen bottles of champange and were scrapping our little hearts out!
For a bunch of chicks who had not met in real life, I felt like we had know each other for ever. Amazing.
Back - Cat, Tiff, Sonia and Donna
Front - Louise, me and Angela

Saturday morning started with the best bacon and egg feast cooked by Trev on the BBQ.
After showers and a little more scrapping, off for a quick photo shoot before returning to the scrapbook shop for MORE shopping! The rest of the day was spent scrapping, laughing, taking photos and having the best time.
My lovely husband introduced the girls to a bevvy of cocktails and shooters which was hysterical to watch.Ang experiencing the fine art of shooters

The killer roast pork Trev did in the webber.

Sunday morning, back to scrapping and the tidying up ready to head home :(

I have such an amazing connection with these girls.
I felt like we had know them forever and that is why we opened up our home to have them stay. I would do it again tomorrow if I could.

My husband was the most amazing host - poured drink after drink, made cocktail after cocktail, introduced Angela to Tequila, did 300 loads through the dishwasher, took 3 days off work to help me, took photos at the blue wall and did trips to the airport - I have no idea how I could ever repay him.


On a scrapping note - I completed 17 pages - 2 for the shop and the rest for me!

Over the next few days I will post them - all of them are completely different and I have tried so many new techniques and styles.

So - THANK YOU girls for the best weekend I have had in a long time.

And thanks to tiff for taking such AWESOME photos

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  1. hey there you.

    great write up chick. would you mind if I pop a link of it on my blog rather than repeat it all. And i have a collage of cocktails on mine you may want Trev to have a look at. ;-)

    cheers to you.



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