Monday, October 1, 2018

StencilGirl + ThermoWeb = AWESOME

Hey there

I have been having a play with some Thermo Web products this week and have whipped up
some very cool cards using my StencilGirl Stencils & Deco Foil.

Here are a few simple steps to create these cards

 Using a heavy Gel Medium, I swiped it over the stencil and  popped it aside to dry.

  Just before it was completely dry - in fact - it was transparent and tacky - I applied the Deco Foil over the top, covered it with
some baking paper and then ran it through the laminator.

 Once out of the laminator, I peeled back the foil to reveal the image ... so very cool!

 I'm still working out what to do with the bits I peeled off as they look pretty awesome but I am loving these cards! 
They aren't the easiest to photograph but I love the hot pink deco foil and the Old Gold is simply divine - and a great match with Kraft Cardstock.

I used the new Pam Carriker Stencils for these cards along with the Jennifer Evans Faces in the Crowd stencil ... Love them!

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  1. Oh wow oh wow oh wow!!! I adore these, Natalie. Thank you!!!

  2. These are amazing Natalie! Love the colors you chose! We do also make a Deco Foil Transfer Gel which works beautifully with stencils and our Deco Foil. Our Rebekah Meier Mixed Medium Medium is fun too as it does not require heat to use with the Foils! Beautiful projects!!

  3. Wow! I had no idea you could do this! I'm amazed.


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