Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March Color Wheel Love

Oh My Goodness ... Have you seen how gorgeous the March Colour Challenge is ... so pretty and bright ... perfect for this idea I had to get out of my head!

I love the colour wheel - in fact if you ask anyone who has been to any of my classes ... I waffle on about it ALL THE TIME ... so I wanted to embrace that in this layout!

These colours worked pretty well together and I couldn't wait to have a play - but first I needed a circle!
Out of the 7.5 million stamps I own I dont have a Colour Wheel or a Pie Chart so I had to draw one!
Hmmm .... stop ... panic slightly .... rethink .... ok ... Trace the rolls of tape in front of me - PERFECT!
Next I dragged out ALL of the black pens I own - which is just under 7.5 million - and tested which ones didn't run with water - which I established was quite a few but I went with the Pentel PermaBall. I then drew over the pencilled circles and used a ruler to draw the lines in... Done!

Now the colour ... I'm using Marshmallow Cardstock which holds liquid really well ... and gave the area a little water mist first then carefully added the first colour - because the paper is wet, the colour moves around and allows you to add in the second colour. Too easy!

I've whipped up a little Video tutorial if you want to have a look --- Head Over to my You Tube

So have a go this month - the colours are divine!

Lindys Products ... Luminous Lemon, Luscious Lime, Hi Maintenance Magenta, Witches Potion Purple, C'est la vie Cerise

Love Natalie

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