Thursday, July 23, 2015

Little pots of awesome from Lindys......

Hey there!

I recently purchased a whole heap of Lindy's Color Shots, Flat Shots & Ink Shots and thought I'd share with you a few of my tips for mixing and the results that I got from a few mediums.


So ... What are the Color Shots - other than little pots of fun?
Color Shots the same vibrant colors as sprays that come in a wide mouth 2oz jar for easy painting application.  Can be mixed with any medium, not just water, (ie., modge podge, rubbing alcohol instead of water, acrylic glaze, etc). Experiment! 

Well ... I did experiment ..and it was great fun........I am a lover of Gesso, Gel Mediums and Molding pastes so naturally I wanted to mix my Color Shots with these mediums.

Each medium that I added had different results and it was trial and error as to how they would work out.

Here is what I found ...
  • Adding a few drops of hot water first will dissolve the powder beautifully but change the consistency of the mediums
  • I added the medium, gave it a really good stir, allowed it to sit for an hour and then gave it another stir before using.
  • This is how it looks after sitting for an hour ... all the color particles have "softened" ready to mix in. (well that's my interpretation anyway lol)

I was really surprised by the Ink Shots in Violaceous Violet ... when I first added the Impasto Gel Medium, it went brown - as it is supposed to .... but once I applied it to the mask and allowed it to air dry, the violet shimmer stood out beautifully!

 So here are some of the sample swatches that I made up for reference.


As I was creating these tags, I wiped my excess off into my art journal ready for a new page ... loving how this turned out ... will add some more to it soon.

So what do you think? 

Are you tempted to have a play now? Head over to the store and have a look at the fabulous range.

Have a great day

Natalie May

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