Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Piece of Cake Digi Cuts ....

Hi there!

Today I'm going to show what works for me when it comes to cutting the new digi files that are available in store at A Piece of Cake Designs!

How cool are these?

I'm a messy scrapper and never have the room to have my Cameo set up ready to go if I need something for a project so what I do is pre-cut and store for later!

I imported my files to my library and created a folder called APOCD where I knew I could easily access them and keep them all together.
I then opened a new doc and filled the 12x12 with the files I wanted to cut. I put as many on there as I could so that it utilized the paper.

I am using white flat cardstock as it can be coloured and is easily adaptable to any of my projects.
Once I sent it to cut, I went off and did a few jobs and came back to a nearly beautifully cut sheet - I need a new blade (husband has been cutting vinyl with the machine which I now realize has made the blade quite blunt)

To remove them from the mat, I lift the edges with a knife and then use a Couture Creations Lift Off tool to peel the rest up.

I tend to peel off my cuts first leaving the backing on but then use the Lift Off tool to scrape the rest off the mat! Works really well to get your mat nice and clean again!

Once I have them all cut, I store them in a pizza box between baking paper so that they stay flat and are easily accessible.

So that's what works for me!

Everyone is different and I am still learning to use my machine and fine tune my settings!
What settings do you use for Cardstock & Watercolour paper? What works for you?

And how do you store your cuts?
I'd love to hear some suggestions!

Have a great day!
Natalie May

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