Thursday, May 7, 2009

Would you believe........

I have not subbed any of my pages to the Australian Magazines for such a long time as I have not a lot of faith in my work, but thanks so someone who has continually been pushing and encouraging me over the last few months, I have started sending in my pages to the mags.

Tuesday I got an acceptance from Scrapbooking Memories for my Because layout AND then today, Scrapbook Creations also picked it up!!!! OMG!!! This NEVER happens to me. EVER!!! So I have had to decline one offer but I am so very thrilled..

This week has been truly amazing so far!

And it's my birthday tomorrow!!!!

Thank you to the ever AMAZING and ENCOURAGING Miss Lousie.


  1. WOW!!! Well done Nattie. Have faith in you work .... we do!!!
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow.
    Cheers Sue

  2. OMG Nat, I had no idea you were feeling that way about your work... you silly duffa! Your work is amazing and I am so glad your friend gave you a kick up the bum and got you subbing, and I am soooo pleased to hear you have a double acceptance, lol!!

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow chook! Hope it's awesome :)

  3. Weeeeell I think Sonia just about said it Right!!!!! LOL

    Thank you Girl, but hey you got the talent!!!!!!



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