Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Of Me for Feb & March

On Monday night I taught the 14th Book Of Me Class! 14 classes! Wow!

So the topic for Feb was ... Before I was a .... mother, wife, godmother, aunt...

The journalling is pretty important to this page and my journaling is pretty emotional for me (not to mention a few others who had a tear when I read it out in class).

Next month is a lighter topic .... 6 things right now.....
Here is the layout of the page....

Took a couple of photos of our dog this morning! We got Sai (pronounced "Sigh") the year we bought our house, 1999 so he is getting to be an old dog now and that kinda shows in his white nose! Sai is a Red Heeler cross Staffy and he is a total pain in the arse but we love him. At the moment I call him "doorway dog" because all he does all day is sit in the doorway, in the way, and watches what I am doing. Drives me nuts....he's loosing his sight a little and his hearing and the dog hair!!!! ARGGGG .. drives us batty! But ... he's our puppy!

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