Tuesday, January 6, 2009

25 things you didn't know about me...

Just because :)

1. I'm ridiculously scared of spiders
2. I only want one child (please dont judge me)
3. I love our Skyline
4. I have always been "the crafty one"
5. I could survive on sushi alone
6. I love to read - anything - books, magazines, blogs, the paper everyday!
7. I would love to learn how to wakeboard
8. I adore and cherish my friends
9. I HATE the hot weather
10. I love the rain
11. I HAVE to wear bronzer and mascara everyday
12. I want to/will be 10kg lighter
13. I'm addicted to Survivor
14. I love stamping, paper and the smell of Staz On Ink
15. I love hard core techno music and Beastie Boys - again - (please dont judge me)
16. My craft room is a revolting mess but I know where stuff is
17. I want to go to New York
18. I reallllllly would like a Louis Vuitton Handbag
19. I love coffee
20. I love champange
21. I try to do something nice for someone everyday
22. I have the bestest job in the world - at the scrapbook shop!
24. My husband is my sole mate
25. I think Jackass movies are the funniest thing ever!


  1. Good for you Nat!!! Your list made me laugh ... you dag!!
    Have a good one. See you on Saturday.
    Cheers Sue
    ps great class yesterday.

  2. Mmmmm Staz On ink has a GREAT smell, second only to a freshly opened pack of vinyl Thickers LOL

    Good list!


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