Friday, January 2, 2009

Ok finally I have the time to update about our Christmas!

Christmas Eve we had tea here for 12 which was just fantastic. I love Christmas in our house. So much colour and noise and laughing. Mark and Wendy came over plus a few others and it ended up being a rather late and "happy" occasion.

Christmas morning, Jess came and jumped into bed with us about 7am before racing into the lounge room to see what the fat man had delivered for her! Every gift was checked out and analysed before putting it aside and she was thrilled with it all. Trev and I gave her a Nintendo DS and she has not put it down! Off to lunch at the in laws which was nice. The kids had a ball and spent most of the afternoon in Nana & Pop's pool. Jess recieved a great assortment of gifts from beautiful dresses, everything with High School Musical 3 written on it, books, puzzles, games and more clothes. The afternoon saw us heading down to Kerry and Chris' house for tea which finished off the day beautifully. The twins are just delightful at the moment and Tarran and Jess played together quite well.

Boxing Day was very quiet as Trev started his week of night shift so this gave me the oppotunity to pop the tressle up in the lounge room and stay up until all hours scrapping!

Saturday morning was McKenzie's 7th Birthday Party followed by a quiet afternoon and Sunday was Patrick's 5th Birthday Party. WOW! Patty's party ended up being quite an afternoon. Nicci had arranged for a guy to bring some animals. Jessica held a snake which she thought was pretty cool and gave a baby croc a pat. I consumed a little too much champange and eneded up being rather tipsy! After about 6 hours of drinking, Jessica and I walked home - a little further than I first thought but we made it!

Before the party on Sunday I took Jess for a drive to the local duck pond and took some picture for future scrap projects! She was so co-operative and did a fantastic job of following instructions. I posted a few pics in an earlier post but here is a collage of my favourites.

The rest of the week has been pretty quiet. With Trev being on night shift, it is difficult to do much so Jess and I have been shopping and out visiting.

New Years Eve was spent down at Aldinga Beach with my best friends, Sharon and Tana and their families and it was great. The kids played well, the adults chatted and laughed and there were heaps of fireworks all around the area so that kept the kids happy! Not too late home but we all slept in til about 10.30am yesterday - including happydaks!

Tana capturing the kids

Shane playing with sparklers

The beautiful Miss Jade
Sharon & Simon
The kids playing with sparklers

So that wraps up the festive season. Life is back to normal nearly.

Another year gone and a new one is starting.

I cant wait!


  1. hiya chicky.
    love the sparkler shot of Shane spinning it. Perfect circle work.

    you have a great festive season.

    we head off Sunday to the beach for a couple of weeks but DH wants to take the laptop for weather reports for fishing so I will be staying in touch.

    happy new year to you.


  2. ah what a brave girl holding the snake. Great photos chick.


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