Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It has been a busy few days and I have not had much time to even check in on my blog let alone update it! Sorry bout that! Have been out socializing and still being a little bit festive! ;)

My classes have stared up again at the shop and I have been having so much fun teaching again! I will photograph the latest pages soon and post them!

My sister celebrated her 40th Birthday last week too so here are some pics of her and Miss Jess and also Jess and my mum! And Jess running around the garden at Helen's!

I also did a challenge for White with 1 last week -
White - dominant colour
with 1 - Turquoise
with 1 - Flourishes

Jessica has decided that she does not need floaties in the pool anymore and can swim like a big girl which has been fantastic to watch but a little scary! Will be back up to the pool later in the week so will take some photos then.

I also got an order in for 60 cards last week so I will upload a few a day to show you what I have doing!
I have to apologize about the crappy pictures but I took them late at night before I dropped them off to my customer!

Well, Adelaide is going to reach 41 degrees today! Too bloody hot to do anything!

So, I'm off to watch a couple of movies with Miss Jessica and try to stay cool!

Also, I am having a catalogue party with Stampin Up at the moment which basically means you can place an order without actually going to a party so if you want any fabulous stamps, throw me an email ... natm@esc.net.au and I'll place the order for you! Too easy! Orders in by 25th Jan - delivery about 10 days later!

Link to the catalogues is HERE

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  1. oh Nat. Fantastic challenge response. just gotta love the circle work ;o). just divine.
    say hi to Sonia when u meet her for me.

    cheers chick. loving the aircon. is 44+ outside atm.

    will be on the beach later.


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