Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'm embracing the change.

Wednesday May 14th 2014
112 days since my last chemo

So it has been quite a while since I have been in here with a health update.

My last treatment was at the end of January and now we are half way thru May - where on earth has the time gone?

I am feeling good.
I am finally at a stage where I feel good 85% of the time.
I still suffer from fatigue a little but no where near as much as I did over the last couple of months.

February and March were quite hard for me as I kinda had it in my head that now that the chemo was finished, I'd bounce back to normal straight away  .... but no ... I was still tired and lacking energy plus those damn dizzy spells were still hanging around.

Early February I went back to work for a few hours on a Monday - just to get me back in the door and also started back in the gym around the same time - just doing a little bit at a time - but at least I was there.

Early March ....  I had got much better - I even drove by myself to Port Lincoln to the scrapbooking retreat, set up a mini shop, worked for 3 days then drove home - in hindsight, I possibly should have got someone to drive with me but I did it and it felt good.

Throughout the last few months, I really have not allowed myself to think too much about Ovarian Cancer and what it meant to have it but I am now that it's all over and done with, I really do realise the severity of the Cancer and what could have happened.

I had a real light bulb moment back in April (HERE) after reading about the statistics ... I guess I just hadn't really stopped to take it all in.

This really changed me - I now have a definite clarity about what is important in my life....
I don't think I have turned into one of those "seen the light' sort of people but I have now learnt to say no, realised that the people who were there for me thru the whole cancer thing are my people and they love me.

 I have done a few things for myself in the last a new tattoo (way to get everyone's opinions out in the open), jumped off a cliff in New Zealand, started having regular facials and I have slowed down. (well - kinda)

I am less stressed, happier in myself and in my marriage and I'm a much calmer person now.

Maybe this is because I have had so much time off or maybe it's the close call but either way ....
I'm here and I'm happy.
I'm over wondering what people think of me - If they don't like me then too bad - it's their loss.

I am now doing what makes me happy - making decisions that make our life awesome.

I'm embracing the change.

My hair has got much longer and is finally getting some thickness to it now.
I have now grown back quite grey.
Decided that seeing it was so short, I'd go blonde! Loving it!

My eyebrows are almost back to normal and my eyelashes are still quite short (thank god for eyelash extensions).
The weight gain the chemo drugs caused is slowly moving but not as fast as I'd like.
I think menopause has given me a thicker waist now which I guess I'll just have to deal with.
On the menopause front, the HRT is working a treat - other than the occasional hot flush or night sweat, I'm coping with it OK.

My first three month check went really well - Dr Miller was quite happy with my progress.
The next appointment in July is the one I might stress about a little - it's all about blood results and tumor markers but I'll worry about that later.
I have also been tested for the BRCA1 & BRCA2 gene and I'm clear - this is a relief.

So this is where I am at ...

 Feb 22 ... Tatum & I on way to Day on the Green

Tatum and I  ... March 9th at retreat

Gina, Celeste me and Nat ... March 10th at retreat

Selfie ... March 26

Selfie ... 4th April 

 5th April at Jo's 40th

 23rd April in New Zealand with Jess

 26th April in NZ at retreat

29th April Cliffhanger Bungy in Taupo

 1st May ...  New Zealand

My new bird .Creativity....freedom ...Blue for Ovarian Cancer

 10th May ... Saturday night at Trev's 40th

Thank you again for all the love, support and prayers


  1. Good!! Loved looking at the photos....& seeing the tattoo. Not saying a word on that front, tho;)!!!!!!!! Glad you're gradually getting that energy back:):)

  2. Good for you... that's what its all about..just doing what makes you happy xx

  3. You are one very inspirational lady.. and you are looking good too.. gamer than i am by jumping off a cliff..YOur ink looks amazing.. and we can be happy we have so many blood tests to check out how things are going long before we will feel any lumps or bumps.. I trust it will all be good.. and yes this is not a dress rehearsal.. this is it.. this is life.. choose to be happy, thankful and positive.. lots of love to you.. I have still had you in my prayers...xxlizzy

  4. Yours is an inspiring story of survival. I know its not all over, but as you have said you look at things differently and I know you will move on regardless. Here's to the future :)


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