Thursday, January 24, 2013

For today ...

FOR TODAY.......Thursday 24th January 2013

Outside my window...  Morning sun - the warmth of the day is just starting - it's gonna be a warn 38c today

I am thinking...I need to get off this computer by 8am to get this day started

I am thankful... my family & friends ... Jessica has made a new friend this school holidays thru a friend of mine - I hope we can spend more time together so these girls can see each other thru the school term

In the kitchen... sink full of dishes, need to do some grocery shopping

I am nightie - black with white spots!

I am creating... packaging labels for my new little venture 

I am going... to teach Copic Markers to kids this morning - really looking forward to this!

I am wondering...if my new venture is going to work

I am reading... nothing at the moment - I need to buy a book

I am hoping... this tendonitis in my right arm goes away so I can continue at the gym :(

I am looking forward to...spending this weekend up the river for Australia Day with my best friends

I am hearing...the radio ..... it's always on

Around the asleep, radio on, Jess is not here - so it's rather quiet

I am pondering... a messy desk & deadlines due

One of my favorite things...a nice cup of coffee

A few plans for the rest of the week...teach a class for kids this morning, gym, washing, shopping for food, teach again tonight, PT session with the boss tomorrow morning, pack for the river, get lazy on the river bank at Bow Hill

Random picture from my phone.. 
School holidays - when it's OK to still be in your PJ's at 5pm at night!


  1. This is really cute - great way of documenting one's thought process....hope the tendonitis goes away too:):):) Have a lovely day...I've been up the shops already...tried on a pile of clothes & came home with O!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the photo and wouldn't it be nice to be so relaxed?
    Today we drove back from Mansfield after a week staying in a caravan park so I've put everything away and the washing is on the go and its about time to do nothing.


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