Friday, November 25, 2011

today .....

FOR TODAY.......Friday 25th November 2011

Outside my window...Raining :(

I am thinking...I need to go to work - teaching Jane's Ancestry class this morning

I am thankful... having great friends who are a constant support for me and that are just very cool people ... Miss Lauren ... Miss Lee.... Ms Joanne ...Ms Wendy  .... You chicks Rock

In the kitchen... Dishwasher is on .... floor is dirty - normal

I am wearing... new top from Factorie, white singlet top, jeans, black Haviana's, cute new necklace
I am creating... a mess on my desk - plus a few other bits that will be announced really soon --- I promise!

I am going... to LOVE doing a class with Miss Louise tomorrow - cant wait!

I am wondering...if I am ever going to meet some of these deadlines ....

I am reading... the daily paper - The Advertiser - have not had a chance to pick up my book in weeks

I am hoping... to loose 10kg by March 17th

I am looking forward to...Christmas Shopping - really .... I love shopping for others!

I am hearing...the radio ..... Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People

Around the house...Dishwasher on, washing to be folded, a few dishes in the sink, dog asleep on his bed ... normal

I am pondering... creative things .....

One of my favorite things... hanging out having lazy lunches with friends

A few plans for the rest of the week:teach a class this morning, late night scrap tonight, teach a Christmas Card class tomorrow, class with Lou Nelson after that, scrap a couple of pages Sunday

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... This is the gorgeous Miss Lauren... she is cool ... we are friends ... not very often do you meet a 'new' friend and just instantly click - you rock girl

Today I'm linking up with The Simple Womans Day Book


  1. oh my God! Super cool post. LOVED hearing about your day and you look fantastic...10kgs? really?

    Well anyway..this idea is so cool and I will definitely do this. I love the link to the blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Woman you rock!!
    And the feeling is completely mutal, feel so very lucky to have 'clicked' and made friends with you- actually life changing stuff.
    Now this 10 kilos...we can do it together! ABSOLUTELY!! Though I think you are perfect the way you are <3


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