Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday girl ......

Hello ... Hello ...

Yesterday our little princess turned 8!

Where did this cute little poppet go?

It turned into an all weekend party for Miss Jess and she loved every minute!
Saturday we had a birthday party at the new South Australian Aquatic & Leisure Center and the kids had so much fun. They started off on the 1m diving board and then moved up to the 3m board - none of them even flinched! It was so much fun!
The 1m diving board - a little tentative but .... not a worry!And jumping off the 3m board The kids had a ball in the pool!
Sunday was spent at home as Trev worked but there was a steady flow of visitors popping in to say hello and spoil her rotten. Jess wanted to spend Sunday night with our best friends across the road for wood oven home made pizza - that was divine! Her birthday Monday was spent at school and then at after school care (as I was working at the shop) and so far "it's been the bestest birthday ever mum".


  1. Glad Jess had a great birthday :) She looks fab in those new bathers...best drunken market purchase ever!! lol!! xx

  2. Big hug from all of us Jess girl.... happy 8th birthday. Love Sam... Amy, Lucy and Jack :)


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