Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BOM - Scrap the Girls - Cheerleader!!!

It has been a busy few days in our house!

Miss Jessica and her cousin Melinda were lucky enough to be invited to dance with the Adelaide 36ers Cheerleaders at the game on Sunday. For the last few years, Jess and Mel go to the home games dressed in their cheerleader outfits and every time the dancers are out on the court, the girls imitate every single move they make and love doing it! The choreographer of the dancers has noticed the girls and as a result, this week they got to welcome the players on court and sit courtside as well. Jess has been sooooo excited about this and had the best time!

Jess dancing at Basketball from Natalie May on Vimeo.

Jess on court welcoming the players

Sitting courtside with the dancers

I am so proud of my little dancer - she did the most amazing job!

Here is the page I taught last week for the Scrap The Girls Class. I loved creating this page and it was nice to teach the girls that doing something a little messy and unorganised can look really good!

Last night was the first Book Of Me Class for the year.
Notes for the class .....

Option A… Continue your 9x9’ album by turning the above sketch into a double page...mirror the second page

Option B... Create a 12x12’ single page based on the above sketch.

This month we are going to create a page based on goals and dreams for the coming year.

The page will need one photograph of yourself….make it

a RECENT photo. The size will be about 3x3’ for a 12’ page

and scale it down for the 9’ page.

The other 8 boxes will be for journaling.

You can still join in this class - just email me for details ... natmay@adam.com.au

And finally ... Here are the sneak peeks for the next Maps Class on Monday Feb 7th at 7pm.
Photo requirements are ---
Pg 1 - 1 6x4' landscape
Pg 2 - 1 6x4' portrait
Pg 3 - 1 8x10' landscape that can be cropped to make it panoramic OR 3/4 photos to go all the way across the 12' page

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  1. yay. congrats Jess. You'll remember those moments forever.

    Proud Mum moment hey Nat.


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