Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thought I'd put in a link to this free online class that is about to start. Everytime I teach a class, I talk ablout how important the journaling is and how it must go on your page somewhere. I hear you all moan and groan and talk about how much you hate to journal so maybe have a look at this free online class. Here is the blarb from the class ....

Mark your calendars and get ready for an amazing 3-week class as we explore how others tell their story, with tips and techniques to help you share yours on your scrapbooking projects! It all takes place here, at our blog, August 8th - 28th with a new post every day!

This class will be completely free and feature 12 wonderful and inspiring scrapbookers! Plus, we'll have tips, techniques, prompts, giveaways and MORE!

The BLOG is ELLE'S STUDIO and I'm going to really enjoy doing this!


  1. Hi Nat
    Thanks for the prompt. This will be interesting to see what the class has to offer.

  2. Hey Nat. You are such a thoughtful pal. Thanks for being the first (and only) person to leave a comment for me. It's sort of appropriate cos I think you would probably be the only person I know that actually gets the title name with out an explanation. Cheers. Oh , by the way ,the sketch book project looks great, will seriously consider.


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