Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday Parties, Sneak Peeks & Other Stuff

Well, school holidays are in full swing here in Adelaide and life has been 100miles an hour!

Here is a breakdown of the last two weeks!

**Jessica turned 7! Had a little gathering with friends and family and she had a great time!

Here is Jess with her cousin Jackson
And Jessica with her cousin Melinda & her BFF Darcy!

**Gastro hit the house! :( I had a week home with my sick little girl - not much fun

**I have been creating - no great surprise there.

** Got a card order in from my great regular business! Whipped them up in super quick time & delivered within 2 days! (no time for photos even!)

**Have been working in the shop a fair bit and LOVIN it! - I have the best job on the world I swear!

**We bought a new car - I am now proudly driving a Mitsubishi 380 VRX (the sporty model) in shiny black - it looks awesome and I love it! Great sound system too! he he - Jess is kinda sick of listening to Hilltop Hoods now! :)

**I did my first Colour Room challenge .... and had a ball with it - loved it in fact!
**Nearly completed my project for the All Day Scrap - here is a very dodgy photo :)
It is a 7Gypsies Concertina Album and we will be using Making Memories papers!
**I've had a few more projects accepted for publication by some magazines!

**I completed a Step by Step magazine article for Scrapbook Creation magazine and sent that off! Really enjoyed doing it actually - just like teaching but on paper!

**Jess and I went over to Marion on Tuesday night for the Beanie Kid Party at Kennys Cardiology! Jess dressed up as her fave Beanie Kid, Amber the Cheerleader Bear ... and had her photo taken with The Beanie Master! She had a great night and won a heap of prizes too - she correctly guessed the number of Jelly Beans in a jar and won a Cuddly Kid (next size up in the Beanie Kids) and also a couple more random prizes too! She was bouncing off the wall when we got home - sooo excited!

**I completed my Scrap the Girls page for this month - Thursday July 22nd at 7pm. This will be two quick and easy pages! **I taught my regular Page Maps class this week - Here are 2 of the pages .... forgot to photograph the third!

**Christmas in July is a regular there in the shop - here is my double I taught last Saturday ...
So that's it from me for another day or so ....................

Stay Safe

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