Saturday, June 26, 2010

Coffee Cake & Create

I had such a wonderful afternoon.

Today at Seriously Scrapbooking was our Coffee Cake & Create afternoon - kinda like a mini "All Day Scrap". We set up a round robin situation around the shop where you make three projects in three hours! Today I taught this little brag book! I originally got the idea from an amazing scrapper who lives over on the Eyre Peninsula, Meredith Treloar. I believe Meredith taught this as part of the Escape 2 Create repreat earlier this year and it just looked so fabulous I had to give it a go and pass it on!

Thanks for a great day ladies!

My Miss Jessica is turning seven tomorrow. WOW!
Where has this super cute tittle baby girl gone?

Happy Birthday to our Princess


  1. that booklet has been sooo popular over this way. Your's is sooo prewdy with that pp. which one is it. I've looking at doing one for my mum for her bday and those papers would be PERFECT for it.
    so glad you had a rippa of a day. and happy bday to miss J.

  2. you've inspired me. I found that paper over here!!!! and I am doing a booklet with them for my Mum's Birthday

    cheers mate.


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