Sunday, March 7, 2010

The last couple of days have been pretty crap.

On the 25th of Feb, Trevor's cousin, Luci Robertson was tragically killed in a car accident near Clare.

Luci was 18 years old. She was a pretty amazing chick and yesterday was testament to that. Over 500 people attended her funeral in the beautiful town of Wilmington. The sun shone so bright, the cockatoo's and eagles flew overhead and everyone danced and sang for Luci.

Hold on to you family and friends

Tell them how important they are

Remind them everyday to live

And tell them how much you love them

To quote one of Luci's friends ...

RIP Forever Luci, the world has lost a real beauty and heaven has gained another.
Your smile will live on forever in everyone's hearts. You will always be shining down on your amazing family and although your family chain is broken now, one by one you will all link together again ♥

On a brighter note, Louise and I spent the day together Friday doing some photos. Already she has scrapped me and I am so impressed.

I adore her talent and what this chick does just blows my mind!

Pop over and have a look. HERE

Lou also loves to scrap my Miss Jess and although her work is totally different to what we are used to seeing and what we are exposed to eveyday, I am in awe of her talent and think she rocks!


  1. I was thinking of you all a lot on Saturday buddie!!!

    TU from the bottom of my <3 the feeling is mutualllllllllwith a capitol M


  2. Sorry to hear about Luci, I don't think I ever met her but it is so awful to lose somebody so young, so tragically forever. Thinking of you all. Love you heaps xxx

  3. been thinking abobut you a lot lately, so sorry to read about Luci. from ehat i read on facebook it was a very special service. big hugs xx

    and i adore all the stuff you are producing at the moment... just fabbo fabbo fabbo! wish i could scrap with you again :(


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