Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Still Here....

Sorry loyal blog readers - I'm still alive but things have been a bit hectic!!!

I'm waaayyyy behind on so many scrap projects I don't know where to start! I've got piles of new papers and rubons and stamps on my desk but lacking the time to sit and scrap at the moment.

I worked all day at Seriously Scrapbooking on Monday and LOVED it! I didn't really want the day to finish to be honest. Shame it's just one day a week cause I'd do it everyday if I could!

Pop into the shop on Thursday for their 2nd Birthday sale - 25% off storewide!

Jessica is great! Little Miss Smarty Pants at the moment. She is learning to read and is picking it up so well. We are super proud of her.

Other than that work work work work!!!

Leave me a comment - show me the LOVE!!!!!

Dont ya love self portraits!!!

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