Friday, August 8, 2008

Long time no post!

Sorry I have not updated this week. Busy busy busy!

Not a whole lot has been going on yet my days seem to be busy and I look back and wonder what I have been doing! {that nearly made sense}

Monday Kerry and the twins came to visit. Shanae and Casey are now 4 weeks and are still super cute. Monday afternoon I have no idea what I did! Mind blank.

Tuesday I worked on a new project for a September class and also started a page for Fathers Day and Tuesday nght the craft girls came over. {for the last 6 years, every Tuesday night we have a group of us that get together and work on various craft projects - one does cross stitch, another cards, another scraps and we sit a gas bag for about 3-4 hours}.

Wednesday morning I had a class up at the shop which went well but we never got to complete it. I have the worse habit of assuming that everyone scraps at the same pace that I do which is why the project didnt get finished! Sorry girls! I'm teaching it again later this month so hopefully we will allow a little more time for that class.

Trev had to take Thursday off work to look after Miss Jessica as all public teachers in SA went on strike. I kinda support this but it is such an inconvenience. Anyways ... have been working at 5star or the last two days!

I've been spending a little too much time blog surfing but I have come across a couple of really cool Stampin Up blogs which have some amazing cards on them. This chick has some gorgeous work and I am nearly tempted to have another Stampin Up party so I can indulge in some new stamps! Also, this page has been giving me some new ideas too.

I will pop back in over the weekend and upload some sneak peeks of the Fathers Day page and the Celebrating Friends project and some new pics of Miss Jessica.

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