Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cards to show

Morning peoples!

OMG we have been busy in this house!

This week and next week I am working full time at fivestar so poor Jessica is being ferried all over Adelaide for playdates with family and friends!

On Thursday I got a call from a customer asking for 50 Thank You cards to be made and delivered as soon as possible so I have been hiding away in my craft room and sitting at the kitchen table making cards for the last couple of nights! Cards finally done and they came out quite well so hopefully Chris will be pleased with his order! Here is a selection of a few of them ....

Had a visit with Kerry yesterday morning to see her, Tarran, Chris and the twins. When they were first born they were clearly different and I had no trouble telling the difference between Casey and Shanae but yesterday ... no idea! They are looking almost identical now and sorry Kez but I know I'm going to be always asking which is which! Jessica did not want to put the girls down and quite happily told me on the way home that they were the cutest babies ever and she could have held them all day! Very cute - but she's still not getting a sister or brother! I took the most amazing photos of the babies hands and I cant wait to scrap them!

Here are a few more older pages for you!

Well - I have one more project to finish for Seriously Scrapbooking so better get creative!!!

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  1. Hi Nat, Yep its me (Sue) I feel like Im stalking you!! We are just back from a fantastic time in Clare ... too much eating and drinking but we had a good time. Erin's recipe box looks cool, I'll have to get to mine one day. See you soon. Cheers Sue
    ps love cards and pages you posted.


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