Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Birthday Over

Well, what an amazing couple of days.

Friday Jess turned 5! A really busy day with Trev having to take to day off work to drive her around. She had her last school visit from 9-11am at Brighton which she was super excited about so I let her wear one of her school shirts! Very cute - also very real!How cute does she look in her skinny leg jeans!

Anyway - after school was childcare then Trev picked her up around 4pm before we had 20 family and friends come for pizza, drinks and birthday cake!

Saturday I had the all day scrap which was just fantastic. I have never been to something so well organized and everyone was having so much fun! Jane and the staff have done the most amazing job. I taught my class after lunch with a pocket full of nerves but it went really well and all the ladies put together a beautiful page. Home about 5pm totally exhausted and aching all over.

Sunday was the party for Jessica at Hungary Jacks. Over the last few years, we have had huge fun filled parties at home with jumpy castles and heaps of people and always ended in me drinking too much and a massive mess. So this year I decided it was time to make the mess somewhere else! Made the chocolate cake late Saturday night after I had relaxed a bit and decorated it this morning. Jess picked out the sprinkles and the little icing fairies and it looked pretty great!

A few family portraits before heading of the the party! (yes - more to scrap!!)

Oh yeah - you know how I said I might submit those pages I did, well would you believe "She's Got Style" got accepted into Scrapbooking Memories magazine! Now I have to recreate it to put on display in the shop so I can teach it on August 2nd!!

Hi there Natalie,

Thank you for submitting your page to Scrapbooking Memories. Your layout is
lovely and we would be thrilled to consider Shes Got Style for our ENCORE

I'm pretty bloody happy. I don't scrapbook to get published but it is nice to be recognized every now and again!

Well, I have a full week of cleaning up, scrapping and spending time with happy daks before school holidays! So have a wonderful week and leave me a comment so I know who is popping in to visit!!!


  1. YAY!!! for you getting accepted into the magazine ... why wouldnt they ...
    your work is fantastic. Glad to hear all the birthday celebrations went well. Cheers Sue

  2. Sounds like your daughter had a great B'day and congrats on your submission Natalie. By the way you have been tagged - check out my blog for the details :)
    Aga xx


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