Monday, June 16, 2008

Acrylic Album!!!

Hey there people - including you lovely chicks who were in my class tonight!!! :)

Quiet week so far in the May house! Not much happening which is kinda nice. Mum and Dad came for tea last night & I cooked a kick arse Pork roast! (trust me - this is an event in our house cause I am TERRIBLE in the kitchen).

Other than that - I have been doing a bit of card making and scrapping! I am so far behind on getting some of these pages done but I'll get there!!!

Now - for those in my class tonight, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you'll find the pictures of the acrylic album that we did tonight! I thought I had already uploaded them!!!

Here are a couple of older pages to have a look at! :)

OK Bye for now - and dont forget to leave a comment to go in the draw for the giveaway!



  1. Nat,
    Wow I love your daughter LO. I haven't seen that one before.

  2. Hi Nat, really really enjoyed the Acrylic Album last night, I always love to see how different people create and I love your style of Scrapping.

    It was fantastic to use a new medium.....soooooo much potential. Now I just have to use that to create my own extra pages using the music transparency. If I get it done I'll bring and show you at the all day scrap or I'll e-mail you some photos.

    Thanks, it was great.


    See you at the all day scrap.

  3. Hey Nat, thanks for visiting my blog. It was nice to have someone new visit. I love the feet first lo. The paint looks awesome on it. Great job mate. Jodi xox

  4. Nat,

    You are so creative we are so jelous!!

    you just don't think that scrapping feet could be so effective!!

    Erin & Teagan :o)


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