Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Denim transformation with StencilGirl


Hey there Stencil fans!

Natalie here today sharing a very Wearable project using StencilGirl and acrylic paint.

Last month I got my hands on the new Dream Imagine Inspire Create Mask by Trish McKenny and knew right away that I wanted to transform a denim dress that Jessica once used to wear.

I started by putting a layer of greaseproof paper inside the dress so that if the paint bled through the denim, the back of the dress would be protected.

I started by using a wide brush to add a light coat of gesso to not only seal the denim but also add some lightness to the dress.

I chose a few cool colors to compliment the denim as I was after a softer look rather than a bright overwhelming finish.

Once dry, I used a sponge roller to lightly apply the paint over the stencil, starting with the lightest color and moving to the darker colors.




Next, I used the Scribble Scratch Handwriting stencil on the pocket by rolling a little paint direct onto the stencil then using it as a stamp by pressing it down onto the denim. This gave a really light finish.

The Little Painted Rainbow Stencil was the perfect size to fit on the pocket so I used a latex wedge to add the paint before using a paintbrush to darken the color and add white for highlight.



I finished the dress off with a few white paint splatters before putting it out in the sun to dry for a few hours.

I'm pretty happy with the alteration to this denim dress and my model agrees!

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