Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Brush Script playing .....

So how do we all feel about the current trend toward Brush Script on our projects?
I am LOVING the brush and Designers Gouache in the April Cupcake Kit

I love that this industry is so heavily influenced by art and fabulous artists such as the incredible Kal Barteski.

I have been a fan of her work for may years and have loved her quotes and creations for as long as I can remember.
She makes it look totally easy and effortless.

Studio Calico have a class online at the moment ..Life Scripted .. that I know is extremely popular and teaches some amazing techniques.

I thought I'd have a go at some brush script and show you some of the results I got with the Gouache and Brush.

(side note ... I am NOT taking the Studio Calico class and have no idea what I am doing... lol)

First thing I did was get out my mixing palette, paper, brush, paint and water. Put a blob of paint in the middle and added water to get it to a semi runny consistency.

I went a couple of different ways from here...
First I tried writing in pencil first then going over the top with the brush.
I kept the brush quite upright and focused on one letter at a time, dipping back into the paint each time.
This was OK .. worked quite well

Next I tried just painting out the letters without really thinking too much about how thick the paint was or how even the letters were .. but then I went back over each letter and gave them some more body.

Then I decided I was thinking about it too much and just started mucking around with it.
I was much happier this time.

I also love that this black paint splatters really well off the brush. I got the brush really wet with paint and then tapped off the excess onto the page.

I also grabbed a plastic cup and used the ends to create these circles - this looks super nice and I love this effect the most I think!

So.... I am far from great at this and over time and with some practice, I'm sure I'll get better.
But ... have a go .. get out some paper and a brush and start playing.


Natalie May


  1. this looks like fun! I am yet to try out this technique but you have inspired me to at least give it a go!

  2. These look great.. It certainly is a wonderful trend at the moment..


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