Sunday, April 13, 2014

APOCD ....

Happy Sunday peeps....

Is it just me or did the last week really fly by?
It's my turn to blog over at A Piece Of Cake Designs today

I have scrapped up a storm this week and again, loved playing with my March Cupcake Kit.

This photo was a particularly hard one to scrap as it was the day my mum cut off all my hair before the chemotherapy make it fall out.
I went from having hair half way down my back to up to my ears in a flash - but I did try to embrace it and tried to not let it get to me ... the next to come was the clippers .... I'm yet to scrap those photos.

But ... as we all do these days ... I went to social media for some moral support.... some reassurance ...

I posted this photo on Instagram and by the end of the day, the kind words and Insta-Love had lifted me higher .... Where would we be without Social Media!

So the Insta-Love Frames and Veneers couldn't be more perfect for this page.

Did you know that you can trim them down?
I took to mine with my little Fiskars Guillotine and corner rounder and it was a better fit for my page.

 I even used the offcuts and tucked them in under my photo for a little balance.



Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some love
Natalie May


  1. Congratulations on having the strength to scrap these photos. My mum agrees that having to loose her hair was one of the hardest parts of her cancer treatment. Love the bright colours of the layout.

  2. A beautiful photo of you Natalie. Love the veneer tips and the yellow heart flair


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