Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Health Journey update .....

Sunday 5th January 2014
Blood Transfusion

So Trev and I arrived at Calvary for chemo treatment 16 .... it was the start of a very long day.
Last post I mentioned I was tired .... that was an understatement.
We told my Oncologist, Dr Michele how my week had been and he said it would more likely be my hemoglobin levels were low. Last week it was 93 and this week 95 - normally my hm levels are 136.

I had my blood tests at 9am.
Saw Dr Michele at about 10.15am.
By noon I was hooked up having a blood transfusion.
This is a long process. First bag of 230ml took 2 hours ... second bag took 2 hours..... 4 hours in total in the chair plus an hour waiting for the blood to be matched and bought up ... plus the tests and Dr appointment ... makes for a very long day.
But this will get me thru the last three treatments.
The dates have now been changed .... but I'm feeling much better for it.

Thanks for all your support and prayers

You can read more about my Heath Journey here.



  1. Just wanted to send you prayers and well wishes. I just finished reading your journey and had no ideal what you have been going through. The best to you and your family in the New Year and glad to hear that your Chemo is just about done. Take care my dear.
    Hugs from Canada!

  2. You are very brave Nat, you only a few more to go too....hang in there, and I will pray that the days go quickly and painlessly for you and your family. big hugs XXX

  3. In my mind I'm with you! Hold on! My prayer for you!

  4. it takes so much courage to endure this process Nat, well done and we are all with you , the end is coming near and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel very soon... I believe in you xoxoxo

  5. I've just spent last year going through this with my Mum and I can't believe how strong you are through this. I know you'd have plenty of 'those' moments but it is a positive attitude that takes you so much further through this journey. My thoughts are with you Hun. Sonia x

  6. Sorry to hear you've been dealing with this extra bump in the road. Take care!

  7. Nothing like a bit a new BLOOD to make you feel more chipper!!! Might be easier just to become a vampire, eh???!! Sorry...not funny...feel for you....need a few of those deep breaths about now.....take care:):)

  8. Thank you for sharing this journey.. you didn't have to.. but your courage and honesty really is an inspiration.. not long to go.. I trust the new bloods will give a much needed boost.. bless you..xx

  9. Hi Nat

    I had no idea you've been going through this. I've been so behind in my blog reading (obviously more than the "couple of months" I thought it was) and am spending this weekend catching up. Have caught up on your journey and have tears in my eyes. Thinking of you and your family at this time. Stay strong :)



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