Wednesday, January 22, 2014

And now it's ends ....

Wednesday 22nd January
18 of 18

Today was my last treatment of chemotherapy

You simply cant understand how happy Trev, Jessica and I are to see this day come
We know it's not completely over yet ... I still have another week of this treatment taking it's toll then 4-6 weeks minimum before my body starts to heal and feel normal again.

I think I have been on the verge of bursting into tears all day - especially after some very beautiful text messages from my main girls Tatum, Lee & Wendy ... but I've held it together ...

Today I am done
Today I move forward
Today I am happy it's all over

There are a key group of people that I could not have done this without ...
Trevor (my soul mate)....Jessica (my super patient daughter) .... Tatum (my strength)  ..... Wendy (my best neighbor) ...Lee (my fave girl) .... Jane (my incredible boss and friend) ... Amanda Hall & Meredith Treloar (my incredibly supportive & loving girls)  ... all I can say to you is Thank you xxxxx

A few photos from the last 6 hours ....


Thank you to everyone has sent me their love and support - means the world



  1. Onwards and upwards from here!!!

  2. So glad you have had your last chemo ,to you every day strength.

  3. Oh Nat I do so know that last chemo feeling For us it was 10 years ago with my son as a child
    You never take anything for granted again enjoy your new life

  4. so so happy that that side of it is done & dusted...GOOD ON YA SWEETS! xo

  5. You are an inspiration, really you are.. Your honesty and your natural photos have been such a wonderful message to me of hope and courage.. I wish you all the very best for the weeks and months ahead, for great recovery and the best news for your health too.. and well done to your family and friends, I hope you all get to celebrate together with a good meal and lots of laughs real soon.. take care.. xx lizzy

  6. Yippee is the perfect word hey!! I missed this post :-( but feeling teary now, been on the road from a distance but glad we had that fun night the night before you started your first treatment!! LOL!! xxoo

  7. Well done chicky... its a huge road isn't it...but you've made it.(and made it in style)
    The reward for all of this is the appreciation and thankfulness we are left with at the end...never again will you see past the simple things in life... you know with all of your heart just how precious they are.
    Big hugs... proud of you...
    Mardi xxxxxx


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