Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So I had an idea .....

So I had an idea .....

I have so many beautiful creative friends ....

So many of you have sent your love and support to me during my battle with Ovarian Cancer and I am eternally grateful for that.

All your words have kept me strong and your thoughts and prayers have not gone unnoticed ... but I'd like to make an album ....

Would anyone be interested in creating a page for me for my Cancer Sucks Journal?

Making me something pretty to keep?

To help me record my journey?

I was thinking 8 1/2 x 11 inches  - not too big .. just something with some positive words and lots of love ....

It was just a thought .....

Postal Address ....
9 Howard Street
Dover Gardens
SA 5048


  1. I would love to! leave it with me.. I will have a play and see what I come up with!!

  2. In the A4envelope...ready to be posted..... I really had fun...hope you enjoy it:):):) now I'm excited, & blow it, the mail doesn't go on the weekend......oh well....!!!!!!!

  3. I will make you something nice too hon! Hugs xxxxx

  4. Would love to do this , thinking cap on.
    Mary x

  5. Mine is all enveloped up and ready to go. Will post today. Hope you like it! xo


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