Friday, July 27, 2012

Blog Hopping .....

Hello hello

How are we all today?
It's a little cold here in Adelaide - Winter at it's best! Rainy, windy, dark, cold and dreary.

For something a little different, I'm taking part in a Blog Hop today with some gorgoues and talented Aussie women.
The theme is WINTER - rather fitting really!

I'm going to share a few of my fave WINTER photos with you today.

School Holidays are the first two weeks of July here in South Australia and normally it's pouring with rain and blowing an absolute gale but three days into the holidays, my dear scrappy friend Louise, came over and we took Jessica and Emily up into the Adelaide Hills for a photo shoot. 

The sun was our but the wind was bitterly cold .....
The girls had so much fun....

We started out at an oval running around, playing hide & seek, blowing bubbles .....

I adore how the winter sun is working on these photos....
Emily is 5 and Jessica is 9. Emily is the daughter of my my best friend and these two are just like sisters ... they play like sisters, fight like sisters and do everything together.

After we left the oval, time for a nice warm coffee .... well the girls had Babychinos.....

Last stop was the Wittunga Botanical Gardens where the girls chased the ducks in the afternoon light and played chasy around the gardens and paths ....

I love these photos of Emily ... Sums her up perfectly

Winter mushrooms were just starting to poke thru the undergrowth - they were stunning

Well thats a little slice of my winter here in Adelaide.
School is back now and my house is tidy! :)

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  1. I love the photos... such beautiful girls... and I am a sucker for mushrooms and toadstools ever since I was young they have always been magical to me...

  2. I love your photos Natalie - not only do you produce beautiful cards and layouts but you also are a great photographer!!

  3. Awww love the photos of the girls. There's just something about winter photos of kids that warms the heart. xx

  4. Wow, what stunning photos.....and gorgeous kids you have. I wish I was scrapping when my kids were that age. I missed out on taking so many photo, not realsing at the time how sorry I would be in years to come....if only we could turn back the clock. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those photos are amazing. I love the shots of the mushrooms too. Thanks for sharing them.

    xx Marcia

  6. Just fantastic photo's, a very happy duo enjoying winter.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos!
    I live in Port Elliot. One of our fave things to do in winter is to go for a drive up into the hills too.

  8. What beautiful photos. Looks like a great Winter day was had by all. Your blog is gorgeous and work is stunning!

  9. How gorgeous are those photos! I love their smiles, infectious :).

    Adelaide is just cold all the time at the moment isn't it? LOL bring on summer so we can complain how hot it is ;).

    Love your work Natalie!!

  10. I can almost feel the chill in the air in those gorgeous pics!! The girls look like such sweet friends :-)

  11. Natalie these photos are so precious, they must have had a great photographer :-). I can't wait to see some on scrap pages.

  12. Such sweet girls you have there, it's such fun to let the girl loose and snap away. I do love a sunny winters day, they just don't seem to appear very often.

  13. This is a really neat idea....& I'm soo glad you shared these photos...I LOVE the baby chino's one & I really love the duck ones from the back...fab li'l mushrooms, too:):):)

  14. Adorable photoshoot. The mushroom photos look fantastic.

  15. have to say ... totally gorgeous photos ... both of the girls and the mushrooms ...

    Don't do winter too well either to be honest ... but I bet it's a little colder where I live than where you are.

  16. Oh I love the light in the girls' hair....just gorgeous photos :-)) we love visiting the ducks at Wittunga too and be sure to go back in Spring when the little ducklings appear!!

  17. Beautiful photos! Wow.. you are a lady pf many talents :)

  18. I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks!


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