Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thailand - monster post!

Well, Trevor and I are home.

No more sunny days, no more cocktails at the pool bar, no more lazy days watching life go by - back to reality! Back to our beautiful little Miss Jess.

We flew out on Sunday 24th July to KL and then onto Phuket. Checked into our resort and went for a walk around Karon Beach.

Centara Karon Resort

Monday morning we slept late and after breakfast went and had Pedicures! Trev had his feet done by a beautiful Ladyboy which was quite amusing - he wasn't too sure what to do!
Took a taxi into Patong - 15mins away - walked around exploring the area and checking it all out - such an amazing different culture. So much to see and we found it a bit overwhelming to be honest!
Taxi back to the hotel for cocktails and a swim in the pool. Had a really nice dinner at a local place then cocktails at the Aussie run bar next to our hotel. Banana pancakes off the street cart.Really friendly.Banana Roti Pancakes

Tuesday we did a tour of Phi Phi Islands by Speedboat. Had an amazing day - the sun has a lot more bite than here in Australia and I ended up rather toasted! Went to Maya Bay where the movie The Beach was filmed, snorkeled for the first time, saw monkeys on the beach, lots of colourful fish and crystal clear blue water. Explored some local night markets that night.Maya Bay

Wednesday we caught a taxi to Patong again and explored the Junceylon Shopping Centre which was airconditioned and full of awesome shops.
Thursday we did the BangPae Elephant Trek. Walked through a beautiful rainforest, saw the Gibbon rehabilitation project, spent an hour on the back of an elephant, hung out with a baby elephant, had a canoe ride through the mangroves then had a local lunch cooked for us. Back to the hotel for an afternoon nap, swim and more cocktails in the pool!
Friday morning we went back into Patong to pick up my new Gucci Sunglasses (massive bargain) and bumped into Tom & Laura (my BFF's daughter and her bf). Spent the day hanging out with them, shopping, eating, laughing, drinking and just hanging out. Went to Fantasea that night which was great - lots to see.
Saturday, Tom & Laura came down to Karon mid morning, walked around looking at the local markets and found a nice place to eat for lunch before hanging on the beach for a couple of hours Back in Karon we all had Fish Spas which is bizarre! Lots of little fish eating the dead skin off your feet! Back to the pool for more cocktails at the bar - who could pass up happy hour - 2 for 1 cocktails! That night we went back into Patong and ventured down BangLa Road - Lots of ladies dancing, lots of bars, tourists, shops - so much to see. Spent the rest of the night chatting and drinking and playing games with the locals.
Sunday was the best day of the trip for me. Trev's mate Shane is now living in Patong with his gorgeous Thai wife Suporn - they picked us up and took us to their favourite spots. First stop was the Big Budda. One man is building this from donations alone. Amazing. I bought a marble tile, wrote our names on it and wishes for my family and it will go onto the Big Budda. Trev and I did a 7 minute meditation session and then were blessed by the monks - just amazing. After there we were driven to a little jetty somewhere - I had no idea where we were - a long tail boat took us out to a floating restaurant where we had a beautiful lunch. After lunch, we were taken to the local shopping markets where we just spent the rest of the day walking around and looking at the different produce and shops. Met Tom and Laura at a bar on the way home and had a few cocktails with them - picked up a handbag or two as well!
Monday we checked out Kata Beach and then met Tom & Laura back at the resort for a swim. The boys ate at a street cart before we had a beautiful tea. Tom & Trev waiting for their chicken
After tea we bought some lanterns to set off on the beach - after failing to get the 1st one off - too windy - we decided a drink break was in order and had buckets of cocktails on the beachfront. Got back to the resort where to security guy helped us light and send off our lanterns - success!Trev & security man lighting the lantern

Tuesday we were picked up and taken to AC's Fishing Park - this was super cool - spent the day fishing on a lake - had our rods all baited for us - everything done for us except we had to hook & reel in the fish - all up we caught 15 fish - I caught the biggest of the day - a 20kg Mekong Giant Catfish at a whopping 20kg. We had the best day - all for AU$67 each!
My 20kg Mekong Catfish!

That night Trev and I went and had tattoos! I had been wanting to do this for a while - Love written on my ring finger to symbolism our 10th wedding anniversary - I designed it and chose exactly what I wanted - we also researched where we would have it done - the place was very clean and sterile and we really thought this through. Trevor decided to get Jess in Thai on his arm which looks beautiful. I love mine!
One of the 3 pools at the resort

View from our room
I love this - 5 on a scooter!
Wednesday we started the long trip home.
I loved Thailand - will do it again but next time take Jess - we missed her terribly!


  1. wow Nat what a fabulous post I really enjoyed it and I could feel all the happiness and love .. great photos and the little elephant really loved you .. such a funny pic .. LOL .. fantastic memories Nat .. hugz x

  2. Looks like super fun! I especially liked the look of the cocktails ;) and your expression with the elephant fondling you ;) And how 70's looking was that life guard! Glad you had fun, hope to stalk you guys again soon ;)

  3. Hey girl way to go !!!!! What a fab. time you had. Every thing you did sounds wonderful and so much fun. I really enjoyed you little travelogue and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing Nat and glad you are back safe and sound. Love the tat. xxx

  4. Great photos!! I just loved Thailand, so yep I'm jealous!! I would have loved to have gotten another tattoo while there, really wanted a thai design, but was too scared of the hygiene issues.. I could not handle those fish nibbling on my feet, gross me out!! Sounds like you packed alot in!! x

  5. I wish I could go there too some day!!! It looks great!!! I am happy you are having a good time!!!Take care!!!

  6. WOW, Nat, it seems like you guys had a great time! Thank you for the awesome photos! Hugs ~Gerry~

  7. Ooooh great post Nat! Makes me want to go again!!


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