Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Summertime Book

This morning was the 2nd and final class of my Summertime Book class.

This has got to be my fave project so far this year. Every element of this book works really well and I am super happy with it.

The cover has been made from scratch using Imaginarium Design Chipboard.

As promised, here are the pages and details for those ladies who didn't finish today.
The pages are not in order.

Here are a few detail photos too!

Thanks ladies ... was a pleasure teaching this little project!


  1. a very cute project indeed ! I am sure you had a great time !

  2. WOW just gorgeous. LOVE detailed and beautiful. The photos are just so gorgeous. Awesome work!

  3. Thanks for the photos Nat. Will finish this book off tonight I think. I love the book and have really enjoyed doing it with you.

  4. Thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog, what you do is truly amazing and very inspirational !

  5. Thanks Nat. I was able to finish my book last night, with the help of your great photos. Looking forward to the next masterpiece. xx

  6. Just wish I could have been there on the other side of the globe, one of the happy ladies attending your class! the book is just sooo cheery and plain gorgeous. The photos really capture the essence of summer!! mmmmm


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