Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Soppy Day 4

30 Days of Me......

Day 4 – Your favourite photograph of your best friend

I really have a few best friends.

Trev & Wendy

First and foremost is Trev.
My husband of nearly 10 years {in March}.
My partner of nearly 16 years.
This man is simply amazing.
Awesome father and the bestest hubby ever.
He loves me and I love him more!

My girlfriend Wendy is my rock - we see each other almost everyday - I love that she has helped me through some pretty tough times and has been there for all the best times too. xxx

Lee is amazing. I have know her for years and this chick is just gorgeous. We dance together, we laugh together, we drink too much together and we trust and support each other. xxxxx

Louise is my bestest scrappy friend. She supports me, encourages me, INSPIRES me, amazes me, understands me, photographs me, scraps me, loves my daughter, thinks my hubby is kinda cool - she is just an all round beautiful person - everyone should have a friend like Louise. xxx

And last but by no means least is Jo.
I have known Jo longer than any of the above beautiful people.
Josie Jo has had a few ups and downs over the last decade or so but her strength is admirable. She knows me for who I really am. She loves me for who I really am. I dont have enough words to tell you how I feel about Jo! She just simply rocks.

OK soppy post over.
Day 4 was hard!


  1. how wonderful to have so many friends that is a reflection of how gorgeous you are Nat .... i am always extremely grateful that Bade is in my life he is my best friend, lover, soul mate, great listener, my rock and the list goes on !!! you and I are very lucky to have such great men .. take care gorgeous girl .. Hugs xo


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