Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Today - Wednesday December 8th

Outside my window...sunny - a few clouds in the sky ... birds eating bugs on the lawn
I am thinking... i MUST finish this layout for next weeks class or no one will book in!
I am thankful for... my health
I am wearing... 3/4 pants and a blue t-shirt
I am going to... have Christmas dinner and drinks with my craft girls tonight!
I am currently reading... book 10 in the true blood series, Dead in The Family
I am hoping... i can find some motivation to get some scrapping done for classes
On my mind... my friend Joanne
From the kitchen... bottle of water
Around the house... christmas has exploded at Howard Street
One of my favorite things...hearing Jess sing and dance in her bedroom
A few plans for the rest of the week... coffee with Jo, work on classes for the next 6 weeks, work on the shop web site, photo shoot with Jess and Lauren
One picture to share... this photo by my friend Tiff Firth describes this week perfectly .... truly an amazing photograph

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  1. gee thanks Nat. That's lovely of you to mention it.

    hows June looking for the EB reunion?? I'm hoping to head up to Cairns after that long weekend (fingers crossed)


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