Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Summary .....................

October Long Weekend
Bow Hill on the Murray River
Beautiful weather
The bestest of friends
Read trashy magazines
Drank wine
Ate crappy food
Got colour on my skin
Kids got plenty of fresh air
Jess behind the boat 12 times
Trev got up on
So Happy

School Holidays
Trip to the Museum & Art Gallery
Horse Riding at Kerrelee's
Bathurst BBQ with the bestest of friends
Kids on the $5 slip n slide

Had lazy days at home doing nothing but appreciating our girl

And ... this is Sai ... our puppy


  1. hi Nat great photos .. love the close ups of Jess..
    thanks for posting my class on the S.S blog .. looks great .. xo

  2. I'm exhausted! Sounds like fun, LOOKS like even more fun. The close ups of Jess are just beautiful. Glad you had a fun weekend Nat. XX


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