Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Planes, Parties and Pages

Last Saturday night we celebrated my Mum's 60th Birthday with a great big party in the city - had a amazing night and got to catch up and spend time with the people who have become my family over the last 30 years!
This is a photo of myself and Julie .... Jools was one of my mum's first apprentices here in Adelaide and Jools became like a sister to me. It had been too long between catch ups and it was just wonderful to see her!This is myself and Pam - Mum's best friend - my second Mum. This woman is amazing and I love her dearly!

This morning, Jessica and I dropped Mum and her cousin Lynette off at the airport for their world trip. For the next two month, these two are traveling the world and having a ball! Mum has been planning this trip for two years and I know she'll have the time of her life!

And finally, here are the three pages I taught last night!

Hopefully I will be back soon with some more to show!

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  1. gorgeous post Nat.. love the photos you look so happy and very pretty.. layouts are fantastic too.


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