Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey there!

Well school is back so I had time to scrap today!

On Tuesday Feb 2nd at 10am, I am doing a "School Photos" double page.

This is the perfect opportunity to get out last years photos and start an album! I loved doing this and it came together so easy! We will be using the New papers from Paper Inklings!

The class is $15 plus materials used. This class will be repeated on March 13th at 1.30pm

Thought I'd take a minute to talk about my Book Of Me class that is happening once a month.

( aka…BOM Class )

Who else can tell our story better than we can?

How often do we create a page or an album about ourselves?

It’s time to start scrapping us!

The “BOOK OF ME” class is something new that I think you will all enjoy. This will be a monthly class where we will create a double 9x9’ page telling the story of ourselves. We will be working on a new topic each month and you will have a full month to prepare for the next topic. Topics could include…’20 things no-one knows about me’ or ‘The best holiday I ever went on’. Rather than scrapping our history we will be working on topics based on our lives right now – a little lighter and more fun. Each page will be based on a simple design allowing you to choose your own papers and include an area for journaling. This will be a fun and enlightening class and I hope that you’ll join me to create something special. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about this!

This is the first page of the album

Ladies, it's not too late to join in.
The next class will be on Monday Feb 22 at 7pm. Please contact me well before the class as you MUST have photos for using on the night.

For those of you who are doing my "Book Of Me" class at the moment, I have reshuffled my next page............... The theme will remain the same as will the layout but the size of the photos I have adjusted ever so slightly......... if you can make them 4cm squared, it would look better! I know it's not much but it will affect the over all look! :)

So for the next class, be sure to take some photographs of things around your house that makes it your HOME. Think items, fav bits of furniture, piles of laundry...... the bits that make it Home! Print approx 15-18 photos in BLACK & WHITE at 4cm squared!


  1. loving your work! Will be down at the wedding Sat arvo and wondering if I can pop in and see where you are up to in your class and have a closer look at 'that'flower - and maybe how to do. Is that okay?

  2. no worries Sue but I have a BIG class in the afternoon so might be a little busy..... Kathy will be able to show you!

  3. loving your work as usual chook! Gosh I wish we lived closer and could scrap more often together.
    Love you BOM, maybe I should take your lead and do one...

    Hope miss J has enjoyed going back to school, she is do darm cute!


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