Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I have been a lazy blogger again. :)

Last Friday we hit the Royal Adelaide Show. Had an awesome day and love every minute of the show. The colour, the people, the sideshows, the sounds – love it all. This year I entered in 4 categories in the Arts and Crafts section but only won a 3rd prize for my Christmas Mini Album. I guess I am pretty happy with that but there were some entries that were a little unusual this year. Anyway….here are a few pics from the show and some of my show entries.

Show entries

Saturday was the All Day Scrap at the shop. We do it once a year as it’s such a big event to organise. This year we hired the church hall across the road and had 58 ladies join us! What an awesome day. First project was a Collections name tag, then Heather did a Fathers Day Card, after morning tea, Steph Devlin did a beautiful page then after lunch I did my boy page followed by Janes mini book. Lots of happy ladies, lots of prizes and giveaways and so much fun.

The wonderful Steph Devlin and I

Julie and Meg did an awesome job with the morning tea and lunch

Sunday was Fathers Day. Trev had a relaxing day bumming around the house. Kept it pretty quiet.

Back to the shop Monday to work, class Monday night and the yesterday drama….

Since Saturday I have been having problems catching my breath. Honestly didn’t think much of it but after walking 20 meters I have to stop and rest and have trouble breathing. So I took myself off to the GP yesterday who promptly told me to get myself to the emergency as soon as I could because she thinks it is a clot in my lungs! PANIC! So Trev and I toddle off to Ashford where I spent the day laying in the ER having test after test, scan after scan, cat scan, X-Rays and blood tests only to be told at 2.30pm that they could not find anything wrong and to go home! Great! So I still have shortness of breath but not sure why. Back to my GP on Friday and also the Chiro so hopefully they will get to the bottom of this but in the meantime, I am exhausted and lethargic and still having trouble breathing!

So that was yesterday!

And finally, here are the 3 pages I taught on Monday night!


  1. Oh Nat, I hope you feel MUCH better soon. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make things easier... Why didn't you say something!

    Take care.

    Tania P. xx

  2. shit chick. slow down a bit. You are such a power house of energy I have a hard time keeping up with you from afar.

    great show pics too. Love the angles and colour.

  3. geepers chook that doesn't sound good! i hope the doctors can get to the bottom of it quikly for you. slow down and take it easy!

    love your latest LO's, i haven't scrapped anything since that awesome weekend! need to get motivated!

  4. Hey Nat,
    I hope you are feeling better soon and they get to the bottom of your problem ... and hey slow down a fraction!!! I really sorry I missed the all day scrap ... Im sure a good time was had by all .. Oh Well there's always next year. Take Care.
    Cheers Sue


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