Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last Saturday morning a car accident took out the main phone connection for the entire suburb. It's pretty sad to say how much I missed not having internet access. 5 days with no access was great but it seems I rely on it a little too much!

This week has been great. School holidays are in week 2 and Trev and I have spent the whole time with Jessica. Her bedroom got a make over - trip to IKEA and a massive clean out and she came and did one of the kids classes I taught. This morning we went to the movies and saw Ice Age 3 which was pretty great!

Last night I completed my next Page Maps class planned for August 3rd and I love these 3 pages. They turned out exactly how I planned which is more that I can say for the bottom page which went way off track.

I did this one for this months Aussie ScrapJack but I dont really like it.......

Ok ... off to do more jobs.....

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  1. well i think is friggn gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
    love trace xxxx


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