Friday, May 15, 2009

I have to apologize.

I usually don't leave it this long between posts.

The week in review.......

Wednesday last week was Trev's Birthday - he turned 35. His wonderful parents came for tea that night!

Thursday was the anniversary of the day we got together - 14 years goes rather quick. (see the bouquet of beautiful flowers in the post below)

Friday was my birthday! 34!

The day started well with me sleeping until 8.10am then spending the next 20 minutes madly rushing around the house trying to get Jessica ready for school.

Dropped her off then decided that I didn't need to go the gym so came home, showered and bummed around the house.

Kerry and the twins brought me my favorite lunch - sushi - which was super special as it had been too long since I had seen them and I do miss them terribly. The ever amazing Miss Louise came over with a bottle of champange mid afternoon which was great, then out for tea at our favourite restaurant, The Thai Orchid, for tea with 19 of our closest friends and family!

During dinner, a very old and dear friend of mine Jo, popped her head in to say hello which was the absolute highlight of my whole day. Our friendship was once strong and solid but after drifting away and moving forward with our lives, we just became people we used to know - but I miss her so very much and the 15 minutes we spent together just reaffirmed that we are still great friends and need to get back into each others lives. She is still the most beautiful, loving and caring person that I know and I cant wait to see her and her beautiful family again....

OK - soppy stuff over.... What pressies did you get - I hear you ask.....

My beautiful husband got me a new printer - Canon MP540 LOVE IT
A gorgeous necklace, some perfume and some Moscato from my dear friend Wendy plus, a Pizza Oven, A3 laminator, Sussans voucher and more flowers than a florist shop.

Saturday night was the Cancer fundraiser at the Burnside Ballroom which was an awesome night. Last I heard, there was over $18,000 dollars raised and still counting.Me & Emily#1
Me and Emily#2

And just to prove I am not naked - as it looks in each pic - here is a pretty ordinary pic of me but a great one of Trev and LauraTom, Laura and Me

Sunday was Mother's Day. I woke up alone as Trev had to go off to work at 6am and Miss Jess was having a sleepover at my mum's. Picked her up mid morning and then went to McDonalds for breakdfast. Jessica gave me a new fold up chair for Mother's Day as my last one ended up in the camp fire at Bow Hill. Another visit from Miss Louise on Sunday just for a catch up then off to my mum's for tea with all of my family.
This is my 87 year old Nana!

My new nephew Jackson is now 12 weeks old and he is so very cute.

Off to the shop on Monday to work, a few jobs around the house Tuesday, back in the shop on Wednesday (where we got the order in from America - Oh it was better than Christmas), [no I am not pregnant - just a baggy top]yesterday saw me back here at home doing the fun stuff like washing but I also scrapped a page for next Wednesdays class. Here is a sneak peek.

Today was Sports Day at Jess' school. She is in the red team and had an amazing day. Trev took the day off to come and watch and Nana and Pop came for a look as well. The rain didn't exactly hold off but the day went well anyway!

Tonight I am scrapping my 4 SEI pages for my class tomorrow so will show some more soon.

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  1. Yes Sportsday was great I hear, except for the two that ran away...


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