Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hi there,

Just popping in quickly

  • had a really big Easter weekend up at Bow Hill on the Murray River skiing and hanging out with wonderful friends- have HEAPS of photos to share soon
  • back to normal now with Trev on holidays
  • Jessica on school holidays


Trev and I went back to the eye clinic yesterday for a check up for Jessica and I. Her eye has healed really well.............but.............within 10 minutes of me being in with the specialist, he had booked me into the operating theater! Seems the tear in my retina that happened on March 1st had not healed properly, was on the verge of detatching and I had to go back for more repairs. Not as easy as last time, full operating theater this time with a nerve block to numb the left side of my face. That's not fun. So.......I am healing well but have a gross looking red eye!

Other than that - not much scrappy stuff going on. Sorry!


  1. Nat, sounds like your Easter started out brilliantly but then ..... that eye. Thank God you went in when you did .... so glad the operation has passed and its now healing. Must have been so scary being numb down the side of your face.... your a strong woman.... get better and heal quick hon. Look forward to seeing you soon.
    Steph xo

  2. Hey Nattie, Sorry to hear you are still having trouble with your eye ... lets hope it is fixed now. Presume I will catch up with you on Sat for next SEI album class.
    Cheers Sue


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