Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hi there people

Apologies for not updating for a few days.


To cut a long story short .... Miss Jess was drawing a picture on Tuesday nite - about 5.30pm - for Aunty Lee when she sharpened her pencil and then for some unknown reason, blew into her pencil sharpener. All of the wood and lead shavings flew up into her face and into her eyes. Straight away she rubbed her eyes, we rushed her down to the bathroom and irrigated them immediately but the damage was done.

After 2 hours of hysterical crying, off to Flinders Emergency Hospital. (dont ask me why we waited 2 hours!!!) The doctors gave her a dose a Panadol - which put her to sleeps straight away - it was 8pm by this stage. So when the doctor finally got in to look at her at 9.30pm, we had to wake her up - not a happy camper at all. All the wood shards were gone but the rubbing of her eye had caused a large ulcer on her cornea - the black bit! Medication straight in to avoid infection and a patch on! My poor baby. :(

They made an appointment for Wednesday morning for the eye clinic which was a total waste of time as we waited 4 hours for the specialist to tell us the keep up with the antibiotics every 4 hours and keep her out of school.

Anyways...... she has a very puffy and red bloodshot eye but is doing rather well. It does not seem to have affected her vision but she is still quite flat.

Who would believe it. Both of us having eye problems in the same month - same eye, same doctors, same specialists - unreal.

Other than that - the shop newsletter is out. So many amazing classes coming up. Even I have booked into a couple of Janes and I'm going to do a couple of Stephs too!

Today I hope to finish the Mother's Day Memo Board and the "Scrap Your Mum" page so stay tuned for sneak peeks!


  1. Poor Jess :( I hope she is feeling better soon. Make sure that Trev is extra carefull, you dont want him following you two girls. See you soon.
    Cheers S

  2. oh my Nat. That would have been soooo stressful knowing what you know about eyes with yours earlier this year. Hoping everything heals perfectly for her.


  3. oh Nat, your poor baby. You guys reaaly haven't had a good run with eyes this month have you. I hope it all clears up real quick and that she is back to herself in no time.


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