Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey there

here are a couple of quick pages from me.

nothing exciting - just pages for me!

And a very cute pic of Miss Jessica just before bed with her eye patch on!
Her eye is great - almost healed completely


  1. she is just adorable isnt she. yay for her eye. thank goodness.
    ps I do enjoy the eye candy in your fave photo this week.

  2. Hey Miss Nat, isn't it a wonderful feeling when you get to create pages just for yourself. No restrictions, product have to's just you and your "free to choose whatever you want" stash.!!!!
    Im loving the Scenic Route one. Poor Jess, i just read the story about her eye, poor darlin', at least she looks a little happier here.
    Talk soon.
    Steph xo
    PS Love that photo of you up top. Gorgeous. xo

  3. Hey Nat,
    Nice pages that you have created, glad you got to do something for yourself. Little Miss Pirate looks cute too, hope all is good now.
    Cheers S

  4. Love your flowers... they look lovely.. I hope your little girls eye is ok soon... she looks happy!!


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