Friday, March 20, 2009

Ahhh - another week has been and gone.

This week..........

  • Donated blood
  • Taught two classes
  • Completed three scrapbook layouts
  • Started two more scrapbook layout
  • Celebrated 8th Wedding Anniversary
  • Worked in the Scrap Shop
  • Played with my baby girl
  • Saw my Aunt who has cancer
  • Was inspired by my boss Jane
  • Bought two new tops
  • Had streaks put in my hair
  • Had my waxing done
  • Been to the gym 4 times
  • Had coffee with a friend
  • Considered 2 Design Team Applications
  • Made a tasty dessert
  • Designed my own fonts!
That about sums up my week.

This is the page from last nights class - it was originally from a sketch.


  1. Oh that looks great !!! LOe the glass in the background LOL

  2. Hey Nat,
    WOW!!!! What a week you have had. Great class last night. Ta. Love the wine glass in the last photo. I'll have one of those. See you next week.
    Cheers Sue

  3. you are a machine. You make me look lazy. LOL

    is that paper curling on the its a girl thing.
    looks great.
    so glad to hear you orb is nearly back to normal.
    cant wait for the eb weekend.

  4. Love the 'my favourite photos this week'! Wouldn't mind scrapping so many boy pages if they contained ones like that! Love Tan

  5. Happy Aniversary Nat, they come around too quick ha ?? Im hoping you are going for one of those DT's drop me a email to let me know which one ... you have nothing to loose.....
    Anyhow have a fantastic weekend and I will seeya next Saturday Babe.
    PS Love those fonts xo They are gorgeous !!! But you know Im jealous of that handwriting of yours xo

  6. Scrapping and wine.. perfect combination!!!
    Also I love the rolled paper idea that is awesome.


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