Sunday, February 8, 2009

September 1998 I was the manager of a big photography studio here in Adelaide.

Came across these last night. Thought I might show my favourites!

Ten years ago - me 23, Trev 24 (why does my hair not look like that anymore?) :(

No scrapping this week.

But I have joined Curves and am loving it! Lost 1kg in the first week! Time to get fit and keep the motivation running! :)


  1. Hi Nat, this is my first message to you. I got a great feeling as soon I entred your blog, very mystical and whimsical and the photos are to die for, will be back to visit again soon, Tiff :o)

  2. Great photos Nat!!! Good Luck with the curves thing. You can do it!!!
    Cheers Sue

  3. hiya chick.
    the other Tiff ;)

    serious drama in your shots from back then.

    Check Kirsty's blog. we're winners.
    that's where the other Tiff found ya.


  4. 2nd tiff back again.
    oh dear
    I just made a faux pas.

    I thought I was on Sonia's comments.
    so sorry chick. Sonia has a mention on kirsty's blog.
    So sorry to get your hopes up.

    darn it, now I feel terrible.


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