Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sorry people - I am alive!

Have been busy ---- doing what you ask?????

  • preparing for Christmas - like everyone else
  • setting my teaching schedule for next year - OMG that's hard work - so many ideas and so little time
  • purchasing gifts
  • making gifts - as I do
  • meeting with friends for lunch and coffee and champange
  • attending kids birthday parties
  • teaching some lovely classes
  • playing with our little girl - who has discovered she has a wobbly toof
  • attending the baby shower for my brother and his wonderful partner Michelle who are due in February
  • still recovering from this bloody sickness - when will the snot end?????
  • working at Seriously Scrapbooking- my home away from home - I love this place
  • trying to keep this house tidy for ten minutes!!! - Yeah I know it's a waste of time too!

Here is a few photos from our annual Christmas card shoot - to be honest - out of the 40+ photos, these are the best! Jess can be such a dag!

And these are a few silly ones Jess & I took of each other! (Yep - I'm a dag too)
And finally here is a sneak peek of a class I'm doing in January!

Stay safe and will blog soon - I PROMISE!!!!


  1. hey chicky ..... sneak peak looks gorgeous. I love photo number 2 of Jess is absolutely gorgeous. you should email it to me and I can tweak it for you in photoshop. just dropped by to say hi. seeya in the shop next week.

    steph xo

  2. hiya babe.
    my fav pick would be the left one second row. I think its her hand on your shoulder that really got me.

    life is madness atm isn't it.
    wouldn't have it any other way tho!!


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